why send mail in the post?


Fretwell Print and Direct Mail are experts in the mailing industry and know that the preferred way our customers talk to their supporters and customers is often multi-channel. However, Mail and email work on different levels, but in many ways they complement each other.

The Royal Mail recently conducted extensive research to find out how customers prefer businesses to talk to them and the results are fascinating:

  • As digital usage has grown, the core strengths of mail have actually increased
  • For catalogues, brochures and communications that require time to read, people prefer to receive printed versions in the mail
  • Advertising mail is kept for 17 days on average
  • Postal mail is a more valuable media than email for sending communications that consumers need time to consider
  • Since mail makes people feel valued, its also the preferred medium for loyalty communications
  • Mail is felt to be believable and reliable
  • Adding mail to marketing campaigns improves performance substantially.

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach Report, 2014

The detailed report can be foundĀ here.

Postal mail continues to be more and more relevant to the way businesses communicate and our wide range of mailing equipment can help your clients reach customers in the most suitable way.

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